Who we are

As you all know, India is a very big country and for OSHO lovers it becomes difficult to locate any meditation centre when he is away from his hometown. There is no video about the Meditation centres across India on social media.

'OSHO TEAM' headed by Swami Gautam Gurdzieff is shooting documentaries with full details on all such Osho centres which provide meditation camps/facilities, accommodation & food etc. All these video documentaries will be uploaded on youtube, all other social media and on this website www.oshocentres.com. This work is simply gratitude of all Osho lovers to our beloved master OSHO & saying of OSHO in his very last days that ' I Leave You My Dream'.

Osho team will also shoot different main Osho activities being held across the country from time to time. Osho Team will mainly focus on the following points...

  1. Documentaries of all Osho Centres In India.
  2. Glimpses of moments spent with OSHO by Osho Lovers.
  3. Osho Meditation Techniques by experts.
  4. Documentaries of all Osho Centres In India connected with life journey of our beloved master OSHO.

Our work is a non-profitable job & is being done with help of many Osho lovers across the country. This work is being done continuously but joyfully as OSHO says ' HASIBA KHELIBA KARIBA DHYANAM'. Any Osho lover who wants to join & enjoy this blissful work is warmly welcomed. Osho Team also welcomes all kinds of contribution in this work Osho Centres In India.

Any suggestion is welcome. Pl feel free to call + 91-9315899890 {Swami Gautam Gurdzieff}.

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Stay healthy and meditative.

Osho Team

Swami Gautam Gurdzieff (Traveler & Photographer)


Meera (Yoga Teacher & Dancer)


M.K. Gautam (Director A.C.C.)


Swami Choti (Artist)


Hrithik (Choreographer)


Swami Ved Prakash Bharti (Mediation Facilitator)


Swami Aantar Aanand (IT Expert)


Pooja (IT Expert)


Nishant (Graphic Designer)